Starting out in a Public

Accounting Practice

Peter Vickers commenced a public accounting practice over 43 years ago. Here he gives some thoughts of what one should think about after 43 years.

  1. Which accounting body will you be a member?
  2. What do I need to do to get a practicing certificate?
  3. The accounting body will need to see my PI insurance.
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  4. Design your letterhead. The accounting body will want to see this to ensure it conforms to its standard. Obviously electronic nowadays.
  5. Under what business name will I practice?
  6. Need to register a domain name and get an email address. Gmail just does not look serious/professional enough.
  7. What about my registrations?
    1. Tax Practitioners Board
    2. ASIC for Company Auditor,
    3. SMSF auditor,
    4. AFSL
  8. What accounting software will I, or more correctly my clients, be using?
  9. What about practice management software and timesheets?
  10. How am I going to satisfy the CPD requirements?
  11. Should I join an accounting discussion group?
  12. Which mentors should I receive emails from?
  13. Marketing
    1. Set up web page
    2. Set up LinkedIn page
    3. Set up Facebook page
    4. Join local Chamber of Commerce and visit local businesses
    5. Get involved with my non business interests: church, children’s school, sports club, tidily winks etc
  14. And of course, how to have fun and plan those skiing holidays!

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