Member Benefits

Many of the members of Abacus Australia Ltd are sole or small practices. This means that you do not have the time to develop skills in many of the services that your clients may require. You certainly do not want to lose the client to a larger multidisciplinary firm.

So what do you do? You build up a team of contacts that you can refer the work to but maintain the client contact and the supervision of the work. This thus adds value to the client. We note that we have seen small practices for sale that list the contacts that they have for those extra services.

We cannot guarantee the below providers in the same way that you cannot guarantee their work for your clients but do have experience with them over the years. The aim of this list is to make looking for the contact easier for you.

Insurance For Your Office

Your PI with Abacus is placed through our broker Roy Chen, He can arrange insurance for your office under an office pack that cover public liability and contents and computers in your office.

Insurance For Your Clients

Many businesses in Australia have no insurance or are underinsured. You do not want to lose a client if a nasty event happens to them and they cannot continue. If you are in the southern states then Roy Chen, can take their contact details of your client and forward this onto one of his team. If you are in the northern states, then contact the insurance brokers of Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd,,

T: 1300 784 011

Accounting Practice Marketing Advice

The Lead Agency,, is the designer of this web site and is a specialist B2B marketing and lead generation agency. Their unique approach focuses on optimising your existing assets and resources to generate more leads and better quality leads for your business. They are delighted to offer Abacus Members a free review of their marketing strategies, website and digital campaigns, valued at $4,500. In this review, they will provide a detailed document outlining the actionable ways you optimise current activities to generate more relevant leads for your accounting business.

Accounting Help

Small and sole practices will always need extra help. In times of staff shortages this becomes a big hindrance to expansion. The solution is to ask Lee Court of Back Office Shared Services Pty Ltd, BOSS, to find you a team member. T 1800 889 232 BOSS will give Abacus Members a free trial and the cost is half that of an accountant in Australia.

Become a Centre of Influence

Business Roundtable will assist you in starting a monthly meeting with your business clients where they can discuss their problems with you and other like-minded business people with you being the strategic partner. This is your own BNI or CEO Institute.

Life or Disability Insurance

Again, Australians have very little. The person with young children and a big mortgage needs to protect their family in case of permanent injury or death. The last thing an accountant wants to be is a life insurance salesman. This definitely should be left to the experts.

Matt Vickers of Snowgum Financial Services Pty Ltd is the person to ask. +61 2 9057 9091 •

Mortgages & Loans

Accountants do all the hard work by providing tax returns, financial statements and statements of assets and liabilities. We also provide advice on GST and capital gains when the asset is finally disposed of and thus advise on the structure for the investment. We will of course charge for that service. However, the last thing we want to do is to talk to the finance company or bank and chase the paperwork and signatures. That we need to leave to someone else like Ivan Kaye, T 1300 492 984. Abacus Australia Ltd will receive a marketing commission.

You can count on Abacus.