Director ID Numbers and What They Mean

Every company director will be required to have a unique director number that they will need to link to the companies of which they are directors. The nut that the regulators are trying to crack with this sledgehammer is that a few directors of the 2.2 million companies in Australia are still becoming directors when they may have been banned.

The government has set up Australian Business Registry Services under the Australian Taxation Office to handle this. You need to apply for your Director ID yourself as we cannot do this for you. However, if you think that you will have difficulty then we can try to assist you.

There are three ways you can apply:

  1. Using your myGovID app and email
  2. Phone application
  3. Paper-based using a PDF fillable form

All require primary documents to be made available and also other information.

One of our clients who is 97, has dementia and has given up her driver’s license and passport but is still a director may have a problem fulfilling these terms.

Once you have your Director ID number it needs to be given to ASIC for each company that you are a director. This system is currently not ready to operate. The other issue is that the ASIC company records may need to be changed so that they agree to your Director ID information. This part of the process we can and will assist with once it is up and running. This must all be done by 22 November 2022 unless you wish to become a new director of a company.