How to Find the Right Rules for the Workplace and Employee

The Australian industrial relations system is complex with layers of regulations that apply differently depending on the business. The first step is always to check whether the workplace or employee in question is covered by the national system (Fair Work Act) or state system. The <a href=””>Fair Work website</a> provides a list of covered workplaces […]

Taxation Changes and Expert Opinions

It has come to the attention of the Claims committee that there are a number of issues that are affected by the continually changing income tax legislation that warrant obtaining expert opinion in particular specialised areas. Due to the changing income tax legislation, and the introduction of new legislation, it is extremely difficult for practitioners […]

Acting For More Than One Client

The Abacus Claims Committee has become aware of the following situations: Arranging Loan Finance Accountants can find themselves in difficulty if they are arranging loan finance from one client to another of the accountant’s clients. Apart from possible professional indemnity claim implications, there is the question of whether such activity by the accountant forms part […]