What is social engineering?

Social engineering is one of the most significant security threats facing businesses today, and unfortunately it’s becoming more common and sophisticated. This means businesses need to be savvy in how they identify social engineering and embed organisation-wide processes to prevent it. Basically, social engineering is like a modern-day con artist. Cybercriminals use deception to manipulate […]

AFSL Holders: New Education Requirements You Need to Know About

If you’re in the business of giving out financial advice, you may have heard about the reforms introduced by the Professional Standards Act from 1 January 2019. Here’s how the new standards and educational requirements may affect you and your business. What are the new professional standards? As of 1 January 2019, the Financial Advisor […]

All You Need to Know About the ASIC Fees to Resign as an Auditor

There’s a wealth of information on the ASIC website about the process to resign as a financial auditor of a company but here are the key points you need to be across. Information about auditors of a public company limited by guarantee There are 3 types of public companies limited by guarantee, with different reporting […]

Professional Indemnity: Most Common Claims

Why do accountants need professional indemnity? Being detail-oriented and meticulous is key for any accountant. After all, your job is to be across the small print of documents, crunch endless numbers – and help clients reduce their financial risk. That said, mistakes happen, and accountants are equally at risk of getting into legal hot water […]

Five Warning Signs of a Professional Indemnity Insurance Claim

Maybe you’ve had that sinking feeling before. It’s the feeling that says, “This client is not happy, and a complaint is coming.” Mistakes happen, even to detail-oriented people like accountants. If you provide inaccurate or incomplete advice, your client might hold you liable for their losses even if it was a genuine mistake. In essence, […]

6 Local Marketing Tips to Accelerate Business in Your Area

Whether you are an established company or an emerging start-up, having a strong presence in your local community strength for your business. In a globalised world, it’s important not to overlook your own backyard. Here are our six local Marketing tips to accelerate Business in your area! 1. SEO, Social Media and Ad words Our first local […]