6 Local Marketing Tips to Accelerate Business in Your Area

Whether you are an established company or an emerging start-up, having a strong presence in your local community strength for your business. In a globalised world, it’s important not to overlook your own backyard. Here are our six local Marketing tips to accelerate Business in your area!

1. SEO, Social Media and Ad words

Our first local marketing tip is to get involved in digital marketing. It goes without saying that digital channels provide an incredible amount of control when it comes to targeting your audiences and measuring responses. Using geo-targeting in your online campaigns is one of the easiest and most functional ways to accelerate business in your area. Facebook and Google both provide highly effective tools for targeting and prioritising paid advertising in your area. The measurement tools associated with these platforms also provide you with concrete data to improve your campaigns over time.

Primarily, use location-specific keywords in all your marketing content. After all, Google’s Local Search Behaviour 2014 report confirms that half of mobile users contact the business within a day of their local search.

2. Work with Other Local Companies

Other companies within your area might be a perfect match with your business. You can leverage their position within the community to reach new clients and businesses.

For example, if you are a content marketing agency you might wish to collaborate with a local web design company. If you are a dessert shop that bakes your own goods, you might team up with some local cafes. Or, if you are a lawyer, you could build a beneficial partnership with a local financial accounting firm?

The opportunities to connect with other companies in your area are endless.

3. Attend, Host and Speak at Local Events

Getting involved with local community events is a great way to network and develop new local leads. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and attend local business events. Start off by simply attending and then possibly offer to host at your place of business.

As Yatin Khulbe, founder of Mushroom Content, mentions in this Huffington Post article, ‘getting involved in your community leads to great exposure’.

4. Buy Advertising in Local Newspapers

One obvious local marketing tip is to get involved in local media channels. Even in the digital age, local newspapers are still a crucial platform for businesses looking to accelerate business in their area. Maintain good public relations with your local journalists. Keep them updated on newsworthy stories relating to your business.

Set aside money in your advertising budget and prioritise ads in your community newspapers and magazines.

5. Sponsor a Local Community Activities

Why not get involved in the community by sponsoring a local Sports team, Theatre group or Community event.

Community sponsorship can result in a significant return on investment. As Jackie Fast, sponsorship manager and managing director at Slingshot Sponsorship, illustrates in her Forbes magazine interview, “team sponsorship may have cost $300, but a direct-marketing campaign of the team’s borough would cost closer to $3,000”.

Find out what activities are at the heart of your district and become an enthusiastic supporter. Not only does it mean exposure, but sponsoring also generates goodwill towards your business that you can ‘bank’ on in future.

6. Enlist in Online Directories

Our last local marketing tip is to enlist in online directories. In the digital age, online directories have gone a long way towards replacing the Yellow and White Pages. Whilst it is still important to register for these directories, the Internet has opened up a number of opportunities for local businesses.

All smartphones come with GPS as a feature so that users can find your business on the go. According to Local Vox, “88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or got to that business within 24 hours”. Use Google local listings to attract these customers.

Try out these six local Marketing tips to accelerate Business in your local area. Let us know you went with these tips. Write your feedback below. What has worked for your business?